Our jewellery and accessories are inspired by the history, art and diversity of the Himalayan region. Here, jewellery is more than merely a form of adornment. It often carries symbolic reference to the cosmology, lifestyle and spiritual beliefs of the wearer, and the community within which the wearer lives.

In Puraniya, we showcase some of our favourite traditional Nepali styles. This was the original source of inspiration for Kaligarh. This collection will be ongoing, as we work on replicating and modifying more timeless designs that represent the cultural diversity of Nepal. Though they are aesthetic items, each piece of jewellery tells its own story.

In contrast to intricately worked traditional pieces, Aaran features elegant, everyday pieces. Their charm lies in their simple forms, which retain the traces of the artisan who fashioned them. Our new range of cufflinks and tie bars are crafted using the same hammered technique.

The Thoka and Shukra Collections are both the result of moments of inspiration at the workshop, which have struck while working on traditional designs for the Puraniya Collection.

Each piece comes packed in a handmade gift box, along with care instructions.